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(18) OR 2.0 Context-Aware Operating Theaters is held in Granada

Best oral presentation awardees - Best oral presentation awardees :) We had not only one but two 1st places! Congratulations to Isabel Funke, Juliane Neumann and Mónica García-Sevilla. Thanks to Intuitive for sponsoring 2000$ total in prizes.

“Temporal coherence-based self-supervised learning for laparoscopic workflow analysis”, Isabel Funke
“Perioperative workflow simulation and optimization in orthopedic surgery”, Juliane Neumann
“Performance Evaluation to Improve Training in Forceps-Assisted Delivery”, Mónica García-Sevilla

Best Poster Awardees - Our keynote speaker Marco A. Zenati, Prof of Surgery at Harvard Medical School, also presented two of his team's works at the poster session and took both poster awards home! A moment from his amazing and relatable presentations.

“Intelligent Interruption Management System to Enhance Safety and Performance in Complex Surgical and Robotic Procedures”,
“A Novel Interoperable Safety System for Improved Coordination and Communication in Cardiac Surgery”

OR 2.0 keynote speakers
"Surgical Activities with Artificial Intelligence" , Nicolas Padoy - Dr. Nicolas Padoy, Associate Professor at University of Strasbourg, delivered a keynote on "Surgical Activities with Artificial Intelligence"
"Modeling of Team Performance in Complex and Robotic Surgery", Marco A.Zenati - Marco A. Zenati, Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School, delivered a keynote on "Modeling of Team Performance in Complex and Robotic Surgery"
OR 2.0 Presenters
Juliane Neumann
Evangello Flouty
Isabel Funke
Alexander Chang
Johannes L Fauser
Stefan Franke
Kaori Kusuda
Mónica García-Sevilla