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Call for Papers

Full paper submissions of 6-8 pages will be featured. Oral and poster papers will be accepted. Eligible oral paper authors will present their work as part of the workshop program, while both oral and poster papers will be featured at poster session during coffee break. The distinction between oral and posters will be made by the board according to reviews and relevance to the theme of the workshop. The number of accepted papers will be based on quality of the submissions, number of submissions and time constraints of the program. Best paper/posters will be awarded. This year, we will also be giving a bench to OR award for works that have potential to be easily translated into clinical applications. We would like to thank our sponsor Intuitive for sponsoring a total of 2000$ in prizes for awards. All participants will have a chance to actively participate in open forum discussions. 

The featured topics of the OR 2.0 Context-Aware Operating Theatres are, but not limited to, as below:

  • Machine vision and perception
  • Robotics
  • Surgical simulation and modeling
  • Cognitive models
  • Multi-modal data fusion and visualization
  • Image analysis
  • Advanced imaging
  • Advanced display technologies
  • Human-computer interfaces
  • Sensors
  • Wearable and implantable electronics and robots
  • Visual attention models
  • Decision support networks to enhance surgical procedural assistance
  • Context-awareness and team communication in the operating theater
  • Human-robot collaborative systems
  • Surgical training and assessment

Author Submissions

  • *NEW* The deadline is extended to 04/08/2019 Pacific Time (PT) 11:59PM. If you have already submitted, you can still edit until this date. We are looking forward to your submissions.
  • The deadline is extended to 19/07/2019 Pacific Time (PT) 11:59PM. If you have already submitted, you can still edit until this date.
  • Deadline is 14/07/2019 Pacific Time (PT) 11:59PM
  • Please submit your submissions to us as a pdf file, supplementary files are optional(Submissions will be done via CMT Microsoft at
  • The review process is double blind and submissions should conform to the MICCAI anonymity guidelines. Please do not forget to anonymize the file names of your submissions. If you wish to upload your paper on Arxiv, you may do so. However your paper should stand alone without any supplementary material and/or reference to an ArXiv post.
  • LNCS templates will be used for paper submissions. You can find author guidelines for this format here: LNCS Author Guidelines
  • You can download the templates following the links:  Latex (preferred) or Word 
  • Please keep your original latex or word files with supporting materials (images, tables, references etc.), we will need them for camera-ready submissions for the joint proceedings.
  • Papers should present original scientific material in English text, featuring overview/motivation, material and methods, experiments, results and conclusions.